Le 27 septembre 2016 à 19h

Festival EuropaNova

with Georgi Grozdev, writer and founder of the publishing house Balkani.

In 2004 he wrote the anti-conformist novel “Плячка”, translated also into English (« Prey ») and French (La Proie, Edition Le Soupirail, 2015).

Traversing the roads – both Bulgarian and Balkan – Georgi Grozdev does not tire of throwing bridges between men and peoples. He is led by the conviction that without bridges man loses himself and the others, life goes wild and his roots go wild.

Good morning, Добро утро (dobro utro)!

We’re very happy to host Georgi Grozdev, writer and founder of Balkani Publishing. If you want to get a little taste of tonight check this out, the site is both in Bulgarian and English!


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