« The EU-Swedish connection » with writers Joakim Zander, Pernilla Jourde & Monica Westerén-Pisani

Le 20 avril 2018 à 18h30

Joakim Zander, Pernilla Jourde and Monica Westerén-Pisani started to work for the EU in the 90ies. Today Joakim Zander is a best-selling author translated in 30 countries. He has written a thriller trilogy “The Swimmer”, “The Believer” and “The Friend” and has quit the EU-institutions.

Pernilla Jourde has published a collection of Parisian short stories “Kalejdskop” and is currently working on stories taking place in Brussels. She works as a communicator at the European Parliament.

Monica Westerén-Pisani is co-author and editor of “The Meantime – nine short stories from Brussels”. She works at European Commission.

Cecilia Sundberg, who will moderate, is also in Brussels since the 90ies and works at the European Parliament. The discussions will be held mainly in Swedish.

A cocktail will follow the presentation. The event is supported by the Swedish Embassy and the Finnish Culture Institute.