Nos sélections

Voici les livres que nous avons aimés et que nous conseillons :

The Colour of Milk

by Nell Leyshon

Mary is a sharp-tongued farm girl, and she will do anything to learn to read and write. But as she does so through four seasons of one extraordinary year, she discovers that nothing comes for free. Told by a narrator whose urgent, unforgettable voice will break your heart, The Colour of Milk is an astonishing novel.


by Juan Mayorga

Imaginemos un tablero de ajedrez en un parque cualquiera. Imaginemos que este tablero es, al mismo tiempo, otro situado muy lejos de allí, en Reikiavik. Y que los dos hombres que juegan en ese parque y en ese tablero, Waterloo y Bailén, en realidad juegan a ser otros: el indómito y genial Bobby Fischer contra Boris Spasski, tan elegante y sensible como discreto. Todo esto está sucediendo ahora, sí, pero al mismo tiempo en el verano de 1972, durante el campeonato del mundo de ajedrez más famoso de la historia. De pronto, un adolescente se detiene ante ese tablero, lo mira, mueve una pieza… La partida ha comenzado, y algo nos dice que la vida de ese muchacho está a punto de cambiar para siempre.

Having said goodnight

by Pierre J. Mejlak

In this captivating collection of stories, people are often at a crossroads, somewhere between a world they know and one they feel pulled towards. Torn between past and future, centre and periphery, real and imaginary, they move from one point in their existence to another, trying to understand a life they have lived but perhaps never fully comprehended. A woman is overjoyed at the news her husband has been found dead. A crow breaks into a young couple’s flat, smashing perceptions and assumptions, and a dying father sends his son on a journey to meet an old flame. A young boy builds friendships with burnt matchsticks and a widow makes her husband’s manuscript her own. From the heart of the Mediterranean comes a new and exciting storyteller, a keen observer and a great collector of people’s moods.

Border (a journey to the edge of Europe)

by Kapka Kassabova

When Kapka Kassabova was a child, the borderzone between Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece was rumoured to be an easier crossing point into the West than the Berlin Wall so it swarmed with soldiers, spies and fugitives. On holidays close to the border on the Black Sea coast, she remembers playing on the beach, only miles from where an electrified fence bristled, its barbs pointing inwards toward the enemy: the holiday-makers, the potential escapees. Today, this densely forested landscape is no longer heavily militarised, but it is scarred by its past. In Border, Kapka Kassabova sets out on a journey to meet the people of this triple border – Bulgarians, Turks, Greeks, and the latest wave of refugees fleeing conflict further afield.