Meet Ana Pessoa (Portuguese Literature)

Le 16 février 2017 à 18h

Book presentation « Mary John » (Portuguese) by Ana Pessoa and Pedro Sena-Lino with a dialogue with the readers about literature for young adults (accompanied by Portuguese specialties and wine)
What exactly is literature for young adults? Is it real literature? Is it fake literature? Are adults allowed to read it? Does it deal with taboos? Is it harmless? Is it less literary? Can it be intense and philosophical?
About the novel: In a long letter addressed to Julio the Pirate, Mary John reflects on the childhood and teenage years spent on the little square where they both lived. Between sorrow and humour, Mary John organizes her thoughts and emotions, gathering strenght to inaugurate a new chapter of her story.
Porto tasting kindly offered by Instituto Camões
Librebook bar with Portuguese natural wine & specialities will be open.