L’expérience (To Peirama) & Un album d’histoires (Ena album istories) – Myrto Azina Chronides


In short, Myrto Azina’s book could be described as a study on erotic love and the soul. A couple’s sexual relationship forms the central theme running across most of the stories. From the beginning, He and She, the book’s protagonists, take a pledge to undergo an ‘experiment’: to understand the nature of erotic love and their relationship by abstaining from carnal contact so as to devote themselves to writing. She is an unbowed woman who claims her freedom. He is a wise man, a believer in the Socratic saying “All I know is that I know nothing”. To Peirama’s peculiar, subtly connected narrative houses a collection of tales that lean towards the structure of a synthetic prose piece, neither novella nor novel. Consequently, the book is an original work, which does not fit easily within any traditional genre of creative prose. Available at Librebook in original version (Greek) and English translation.