“Football dreams” by Bruno Mazodier

As countries fly their banners, Librebook too gets in the football mood, in its own way, with Football dreams by French photographer Bruno Mazodier.

An ode the universality of football.

The book is an ode the universality of football across borders. From India to Mexico, from the Faeroes to the Maldives, from Zanzibar to Venice, Bruno Mazodier’s poetic shots celebrate the sense of play and childhood expressing themselves across the globe on improvised fields.

On beaches and squares, in fields and streets, among building blocks or in favelas hills, makeshift soccer poles and balls come up everywhere.

Bruno Mazodier beautifully captures the endless diversity of landscapes, colours, and materials of these improvised play fields as well as what unites those barefoot teams: the inventiveness, the passion for the beauty of gesture, and shared joy, in all simplicity.

The photographs come with short texts in English and French by Bruno Mazodier and writers Olivier Guez and Bernard Chambaz.

Carefully conceived and printed, Football dreams is a rare book, an authentic coup de cœur.

Football dreams is available at Librebook (an exclusivity in Brussels).

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