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Books in more than 20 European languages in our E-shop

Expats, polyglots and language lovers of Brussels, Librebook sells hundreds of books on line at special price in the following languages Albanian Basque Bulgarian Catalan Croatian & Serbian Czech & Slovak Danish Estonian Finnish Galician Hungarian Icelandic Latvian Lithuanian Luxemburgish Maltese Polish Romanian Slovenian Swedish Ukrainian

Sun 20.09.20 12:00

Sunday without Car – Librebook by bike !

It’s Sunday Without Cars and Librebook opens its doors all day long. All non-English and non-French books of the shop will be “buy 1 = get 1 for free”! That means for any pair of books in another language than French and English, the cheapest of both becomes 0,–€. And […]

Thu 27.02.20 16:00

Uma tarde com Afonso Cruz (PT)

This event does not take place at Librebook. Pour célébrer la Journée Internationale de la Langue maternelle et de la diversité linguistique, l’Instituto Camões organise une double rencontre lusophone en ses locaux de l’Université Libre de Bruxelles, avec Afonso Cruz, lauréat du Prix de Littérature de l’Union Européenne (EUPL) et […]

Wed 19.02.20 19:00

Tomaž Šalamun’s poetry : “I Know”

Slovenian House at the Slovenian Embassy in Belgium kindly invites you in our bookshop to an evening on the legendary Slovenian poet Tomaž Šalamun (1941-2014), a monument of European poetry. The “general of the avant-garde”, as his nickname was, is mentioned in the same breath with Nobel Prize winners such […]

Special openings in December : hot mulled wine and fine new books

Hello sunshine ! The weather is always great among books. You can come and enjoy it… even on Sundays. Extra opening days in December: SUN 15/12 12h-18h SUN 22/12 12h-18h MON 23/12 12h-18h TUE 24/12 12h-18h Discover our new selection of novels, graphic novels, children literature, essays, cooking books… See […]

Wed 18.12.19 20:00

The Power of Memory – Romanian writers (@Bozar)

(This event does not take place at Librebook) Exactly 30 years ago the communist dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu was ousted from power. The Romanian writers Gabriela Adameşteanu, Mircea Cărtărescu, Ioana Pârvulescu and Cătălin Pavel were aged respectively 47, 33, 29 and 13 when in 1989 their country experienced this total revolution. […]

Sat 14.12.19 15:00

Christmas Market of Illustrations

A collection of illustrations, art works & picture books will accompany your visit at Librebook next weekend. Discover some of the most talented illustrators while enjoying a glass of mulled wine.