Tue 08.10.19 19:00

At the crossroads of Europe and Asia – encounter w/ Wojciech Gorecki (PL/EN/FR)

Europe, Asia. Ever since I go to Caucasus, I wonder which continent it is part of. There is no simple answer. Even the geographers disagree with each other.

Being a reporter and a writer-traveler, Wojciech Gorecki lived several years in Caucasus, mainly in Baku. In addition to Polish, he speaks Russian, Georgian and Azeri. He studied journalism at the University of Warszaw, then history at the Catholic University of Lublin, and is now analyst at the Center for Eastern Studies (OSW) in Warszaw. His books on Abkhazia and Georgia were most acclaimed, winning several prizes, but he also writes about Mongolia, Uzbekistan – both places where he lived – Kirghizistan and Turkey. Toast za Przodkow (‘a toast to the ancestors’, shortlisted for the Nike prize) and Kirgiz zsiada z Konia (‘The Kirguiz stepss off his horse’), among others, are translated in several Caucasian languages. La terra del vello d`oro. Viaggi in Georgia wash published in italian in Torino (Bollati Boringhier).

The writer will speak in Polish and a consecutive translation will be provided.