Sat 05.10.19 12:00 >> 23:00

Print, Panels and Pints — European Lab Extra x KANO Festival

KANO* is hosting a mini-festival in the spirit of European Lab Brussels 2019, bringing you the best Europe has to offer: European literature, print magazines, panels and pints. Librebook will be there with a selection of contemporary literature, EUPL winners, and great essays in different languages.
Get ready for a day of panel discussions, live music, storytelling workshops, yoga and even a tiny print & plant-fair.

* KANO Brussels is a coworking community space and home to Are We Europe and Cafébabel, two of the continent’s coolest magazines.

14:00 — Carving Out Space: How to be part of Brussels?—EuropeanLab Extra (EN)
15:30 — Démocratie en Pologne — European Lab Extra x KANO (FR)
17:00 — Coding Conscience — European Lab Extra x KANO (EN)
18:30 — Otherside // Europe – European Lab Extra x KANO (EN)

13:00 — Story Design Sprint with Are We Europe
15:00 — Creative Writing with SpeakEasy: Spoken Word Brussels
16:00 — Worldbuilding with Giuseppe Porcaro from science fiction podcast Europarama.

In collaboration with our friends at Are We Europe.